Online Classes for Pregnancy for Birth Professionals

(20 weekly online classes of 90 minutes each, in 5 Modules).

As Doulas and Birth Professionals you know that birth is a natural process, that the body has in-born knowledge of how to birth, and you know as well, how both internal and external events can get in the way. The birthing hormones work when the woman feels safe and at ease, in fact, any fears, anxieties, or even ‘left brain’ activities such as thinking, planning, worrying, literally stop the birthing hormones. The body assumes something is amiss.
DreamBirth® is a tool par excellence to address both the inner fears, worries. beliefs, and ancestral patterns that get in the way, as well the external demands of partners, parents, other children, and hospital procedures and attitudes of birthing personnel that can also impede the natural flow of events. And it is an excellent tool to create the conditions for a positive birth experience.

MODULE 1: First and Second Trimesters
Class 1
Review of how imagery works, how it is learned, how to respond to the necessity of an image, and the importance of practicing the imagery oneself, so that the language of imagery becomes facile and creative. DreamBirth® imparts gifts for all who use it; the practitioner included.
Learn exercises to help connect with the baby, and to ‘practice’ the birth. Exercises to create a sense of safety and support.

Class 2
Exercises that promote a sense of well being and bonding with the baby, and exercises to deal with problems that can arise during the first semester, such as nausea, fatigue, emotional swings and fears. Exercises for sibling rivalry and fears of mothering. Exercise for ultrasound.

Class 3
Exercises that deal with 2nd trimester issues, including body image, dreams and concerns, choices, premature contractions, continue with sibling and mothering issues. Exercise to prepare for procedures.

Class 4
Work with emotions that get in the way; guilt, anger, fear, lack of self worth, as well as exercises that build optimism and well-being. Learn exercises to deal with previous miscarriages and abortions.

MODULE 2: Relationships, Ancestral Issues, Stuck Patterns
The main thrust of this Module is to deal with relationships (to partner, mother, one’s other children, friends, work colleagues, doctors or midwives. As part of that work, learn how to talk ‘through the ethers’. This Module will also deal with ancestral issues, stuck patterns, incorrect thinking and growing up inner child.
Class 1
Relationship exercises; talking ‘through the ethers’.

Class 2
Exercises to uncover and clear ancestral issues, stuck patterns and incorrect or faulty thinking. Learn how to grow inner child.

Class 3: Continue themes of Class 2

Class 4
Many exercises to put a woman in a good place; for optimism and well -being.

MODULE 3: Flexibility of Body and Mind
The main focus of this Module is to develop flexibility of body and mind, which is what birth and mothering require. Expand theme of how DreamBirth® allows us to direct the cells of our body, nature itself, into its most optimal, easeful functioning. Our bodies, our cells, the unborn baby, are wanting to express their perfection! Importance of alignment for comfort and easier birth- with correct alignment there is more room for baby, and allows it to descend. Exercises that expand and lengthen. Exercises to turn breech or misaligned baby. Light, air and water images expand; connection between jaw and pelvis, mouth and cervix. In this Module we also introduce exercises for the husband or partner.
Class 1
Exercises that lengthen and expand

Class 2
Exercises to prepare body for birth, to tweek baby’s position, to alleviate pain, to open cervix, to help baby descend.

Class 3
Exercises for husband or partner

Class 4

Finish exercises for husband or partner

MODULE 4: Preparing for Birth, for Both Birthing Professional and Birthing Parents
The focus of this Module is preparing for the birth, for both doula and birthing parents, and exercises for postpartum issues. Deals with how to deal with contractions, hospital procedures, importance of checking with baby and body. Exercises to deal with problems that arise during labor, including placenta not releasing. Exercises for caesarian, or any other intervention, wanted or not wanted; importance of getting body’s (and baby’s) permission. This Module focuses on exercises for birthing professionals. Exercises for making decisions.
Class 1
Preparing for labor, exercises for laboring woman and doula

Class 2
What doula and partner can do to clear birthing space, bring the best out of medical personnel, how to best be ‘heard’, and in general what to do in specific situations that need remediation

Class 3
Exercises for immediately after the birth: to connect with baby, to clear the body if any medications were taken, to heal any tears or incisions, to talk to doctors and nurses

Class 4
Exercises for milk supply, calming overwhelm, for sleep exhaustion, for quietening oneself. Exercises to repair body postpartum, and to connect with baby long distance.

MODULE 5: Problems of Pregnancy and Labor, Supervision
This Module is a mixture of supervision and exercises for problems that arise during pregnancy that were not included in first four Modules: Pre-eclampsia,to restore fetal heartrate, torn muscles, tendons, clearing infection, lowering blood pressure, endometriosis and pelvic pain, gestational diabetes.
Classes will be organized around practitioner’s needs and wants, as each situation presented may require different exercises than those mentioned above.

Classes will be taught by Claudia Raiken, who worked with Catherine on the development of the DreamBirth® method, with seven other doulas, nurses, psychologists and birth professionals. Claudia is a Childbirth Educator (ICEA), a Doula (ALACE) , an Alexander Technique Teacher and a Biodynamic CranioSacral Practitioner. She holds a Masters from NYU in Kinesiology and Dance, and is certified by The School of Images® as a DreamBirth® practitioner. She has assisted in over 270 births and continues to be awed at the power of DreamBirth®:
"I can unequivocally assert that there is no greater tool for both pregnancy and childbirth than DreamBirth®. It is also an incredible tool for conception: 95% of the women I worked with have conceived. Many of these women came to me in desperation, still unable to conceive after having multiple IVF’s. DreamBirth® is a beautiful adjunct to any other modality that is being used for conception; it will enhance the effects of acupuncture, herbs, and IVF."