Certification for DreamBirth®

Certification Process for DreamBirth®

Level I Certification
1. Attend all classes in:
DreamBirth® for Pregnancy and Childbirth (24 classes)
DreamBirth® for Conception (12 classes)
DreamBirth® for Mothering/Bonding (4 classes)
Integration and Practice of DreamBirth® (4 classes)
Note: If you cannot attend the class, you must listen to the recording.
Unexcused absences are limited to 10% of total classes.
2. Receive 3 private sessions
3. Take a written test based on Class Notes, which will be emailed at the end of each class
4. Optional: Write a short essay about what DB has given you personally and professionally.

Level II Certification
1. Have satisfied all requirements of Level I
2. Take 9 months (2 semesters) of Saphire® Imagery *
3. Take 9 months (2 semesters )of Dream Opening® *
4. Take 9 months of weekly DreamBirth® Supervision Class
5. Have used DB with at least 12 clients
6. Receive 7 private sessions
*All Saphire® Imagery and Dream Opening® classes are to be taken through the School of Images® or School of Images® approved courses. Four Workshops is the equivalent of two semesters.
Please note: After you certify at Levels 1 and 2, you are qualified to give DreamBirth® classes to pregnant women or women wanting to get pregnant, and you are qualified to work with people individually. Until you have met all requirements of Level 3, you cannot teach other professionals to become practitioners of DreamBirth®.

Senior Level Certification
1. Have satisfied all requirements of Levels I and II
2. Take an additional 9 months of Saphire® Imagery
3. Take an additional 9 months of Dream Opening®
4. Learn the first 5 grids of Morphology
5. Continue with weekly DreamBirth® Supervision Class
—Work done with at least 35 clients, primarily using DreamBirth®
—Give detailed reports on each client, including: exercises used, what client saw in
the imagery, any imaginal repairings that were needed, dreams they worked on and any other significant events.
6. Receive 10 private sessions (possibly more)
7. When all previous 6 requirements have been satisfied, will be certified to teach DB to other practitioners through the aegis of the School of Images
8. Will continue peer supervision with other DB teachers